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Computers are great, but someday someone may develop a compact, portable, dedicated reference vehicle, made of lightweight material, containing text and visual images, that requires no source of power, be highly organized, that you can actually locate information in, can be used over and over, be referred to instantly, and stored easily. Yes, and it would look like this...
For the BIG PICTURE you want to sink your teeth into "Dinerman" Richard J.S. Gutman's definitive work entitled "American Diner Then and Now." It contains a large helping of tastee vintage photos of both diner exteriors and interiors.
For a photo-study of a diner manufacturer, you want to order up a helping of: "The Worcester Lunch Car Company" also by the Dean of Diners, Richard J.S. Gutman.
For the best reference on the diners of Pennsylvania you want a copy of the "Diners of Pennsylvania" by Brian Butko and Kevin Patrick.